We provide specialists Logistics Consultancy services, with over 30 years experience based in Northampton, UK.  
With an emphasis on Warehouse Operations, we are perfectly placed to provide Layout Design, Resource Planning, Warehouse Automation design and specification, and Warehouse Management Systems consultancy. Having worked with some of the leading Logistics Consulting businesses in the UK and at some point most of the major 3rd Party Logistics companies we really understand Logistics and Supply Chain operations. 
We provide consulting service to help businesses solve a variety of different challenges in their logistics operations. Typically, these problems can include – 
• Insufficient storage capacity - alternative storage and handling equipment will be considered. 
• Warehouse lease due to expire – should the client stay or relocate, and if they relocate where should they go and what size of facility will be needed? 
• Warehouse processes including picking performance needs to be reviewed. 
• There is a desire to invest in new technology or automation to address problems with capacity or labour shortages – how should the client move forward? 
• The Warehouse Management System (WMS) needs evaluating, or a replacement needs to be specified or implemented. 
• Environmental policies and new initiatives need to be considered. 
Tony and his team are all experts with extensive experience who can, working with your team, quickly deliver the results you need for both small and large projects. 
Please call for a no obligation chat, Tony will be happy to give advice and help you decide how best to move forward. We can of course meet online or visit your site to discuss your project. 
Each proposal we submit will include a detailed scope definition and a project plan. Project status will be reported at each of the project milestones. 
A warehouse assessment and review of alternative options can in many instances only need 10 days of our support. This makes our projects quick to deliver and cost effective for our clients. Please read our customer reviews or check out our Blogs about the latest application of innovation. 
Whatever the objectives of your project are rest assured we will deliver the best outcome for you and the needs of your business. 
Site capacity 
We help clients who are looking to maximise the storage and throughput capacities of their current site. This is of particular importance should a client’s warehouse lease be due for renewal and a future strategy is required. The first task is to establish the current baseline for storage and operational throughputs. This is a highly analytical process and includes the analysis of the current stock holding capacity by product types. Included within this process is establishing the current KPIs and calculating the peak and average volume demands and the capacity to deliver peaks. Typically, the next phase is to optimise the layout, and to review alternative storage and picking strategies. The final phase is to consider future growth forecasts and establish the capacity of the current site to meet future demands. We could at this stage identify the size requirements for a future warehouse, or consider if outsourcing the warehouse operations to a 3rd party is a viable option. 
DC Design 
We offer a complete warehouse design to include all storage and processing areas, charging areas and welfare and office facilities. We are experts in racking and shelving, warehouse trucks including VNA, reach and forklift trucks (manual and automated truck options can be considered), order picking trucks, shelving, mezzanine floors, automated storage systems, Robot systems, and Goods to Person systems. The DC design process could start creating a concept layout to calculate size requirements. Once the size is known we can then work engage with property consultants to identify potential sites – should they exist! We offer warehouse design services to include storage equipment design – simulation - resource modelling – MHE equipment design and specification to include charging areas. We support this process from concept to go live. This will also include financial modelling of current warehouse vs potential new sites. 
Automation / Mechanisation 
In recent years we are seeing a big increase in pick to light, goods to man, automated and robot picking solutions. Our project work includes evaluation and comparison of alternative options. This evaluation includes all aspects including receipt, storage, pick efficiencies – and includes layout design. This also includes equipment design and specification and management of tender process with prospective suppliers. We can manage the specification and tendering process for all automated equipment. Also, we can evaluate if automation provides a satisfactory payback using Return On Investment models. 
We have witnessed a significant increase in B2C - Ecommerce operations in recent times. This coupled with ongoing challenges recruiting warehouse employees has created a “perfect storm”. This requires a new approach to storage, picking and packing, especially in warehouses that offer both B2C and B2B operations. An often-neglected area of operations is the returns operation, particularly in fashion operations. We can help with the design of returns processing areas, storage areas and picking concepts to reduce the impact of this difficult to manage process. 
Warehouse Design Visual Aids 
We have can provide scaled drawings of the warehouse design and evaluate alternative concepts using AutoCAD design software. We also have the ability to create 3d renders and 3d fly through videos demonstrating highly visual way of presenting alternative concepts and designs. 
Warehouse Simulation 
We are qualified to provide simulation using class leading simulation software. Any type of activity within the warehouse can be simulated to allow for informed decisions, alternative storage and picking solutions can be quickly evaluated and benchmarked. The software can be used to develop “what if” scenario testing, where the operating capacity of different functional areas of a warehouse can be tested to breaking pint. It is safer to break a warehouse in simulation than in real life! 
We are qualified in Industrial Engineering techniques which provides the appropriate skills to maximise efficiency. Efficiency is impacted by the physical warehouse design, and the storage, replenishment and picking strategies deployed. It is important to set and measure performance against accurate KPIs. We can also benchmark operations against “best-in-class” operations to establish how a company is performing. 
WMS – evaluation – process design 
Identification of new WMS. To include cost analysis and functionality assessment. 


We also deliver tailored courses for colleges, universities or logistics companies. 
Please do not hesitate to make contact if you need any advice or support on any logistics or supply chain problems you might be encountering, we are sure that we can support you whatever your needs, however big or small your project requirements. 
In the first instance please call Tony on 07960 213193 
or email 
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