We provide specialised logistics consultancy services. 

Warehouse Layout and Process Design 

Layout design work supported with AutoCAD drawings as required 
Data analysis to identify fast / slow moving stock items – detailed analysis to determine optimum strategy for each product group 
Review of current and potential storage medias to meet desired throughputs and storage needs 
Design of value add, processing and marshalling spaces in line with projected demand 
Comparison of storage media types - alternate layout designs and calculation of storage capacities and impact on throughput for each alternative. 
Cost modelling analysis of alternative concepts. 

Operational Resource Planning 

Detailed analysis of operational volumes through various stages 
Creation of MOST models or time studies to calculate task rates (KPI’s) 
Resource modelling – to model effect of receipts / picking operations through the year/ week / day / hour – this tool then calculates resources required to meet forecasted demands 
Cost modelling 
The resource tool is used to calculate labour / MHE resource requirements over a period of time, taking into account seasonal volume fluctuations. From the tool various charts and graphs can be produced. Once set up the impact of say reducing the number of trucks in the warehouse can quickly be calculated. Also, if additional resource is required (e.g. short-term hire equipment, or agency staff), these can be added to the impact on the operation can be reported. 

Logistics Network Design 

Modelling of Network 
Modelling impact of change with the number of sites and location and size of sites 
Centre of Gravity analysis 
Financial comparison of alternative strategies 
Identification of optimum network design 

Warehouse Automation Design / Evaluation 

Performing modelling and analysis of volumes through current operation 
Evaluation of automation equipment and recommendation of options 
Review of impact on throughput rates and resources required with automation 
Modelling of forecast growth and order volumes and impact on operations 
Cost Payback Analysis on Capex projects 

Warehouse Management Systems 

Review of current WMS (Warehouse Management System) - functionality review / fit for purpose analysis 
Process Mapping of Operations and if required mapping to a WMS 
Specification of WMS for potential vendor quotation 
Documentation of training materials and supporting training during go live 
Integration to WCS (Warehouse Control Systems) 

3D Images and Videos 

3D Sketch Up 
Generation of 3D images / movies 

New Build Warehouse Design 

This is an outsourced service supplied through one of my trusted partners as part of my project. 
For help and advice on any of these services call Tony on 07960 213193 
or email 
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