Due to the confidential nature of the project work I undertake the names of my clients are not included in my summaries.

Team Members
Stores Extension - Manufacturing  Site

My client was in the process of extending their on-site manufacturing operation.  In addition, they were also planning to include a new frozen and chilled warehouse and extending their current warehouse.  The scope of the project involved reviewing the proposed extension, reviewing the storage options. 

Following this we modelled the operation to determine labour and MHE resources required.  This was a 6-month project, and included all product movements through the site, including feeding the production lines, the storage of finished goods and the picking and despatch operations.

Office Meeting
High Bay Warehouse Projects

I have recently conducted two different warehouse design projects for customers looking to operate at heights above 14 metres.  In each case operating at such heights created challenges.  The racks and equipment had to be carefully specified.  The layouts needed to be designed to comply with appropriate legislation and safe working practices.

Office Conversation
Retail Operation - Stores Replenishment

My client had designed an extension to a warehouse that was supplying fresh food produce to a chain of hypermarkets and convenience stores.  They had designed an extension to their warehouse.  My task was to review the design.  Following detailed analysis and modelling we discovered that the outbound marshalling areas needed to be redesigned. 

Data Reviewing
Ecom Warehouse Operation

We have recently helped a small new start-up Ecom operation relocate from their home to a new warehouse.  The project involved identifying a suitable site, designing the layout and storage equipment - sourcing suitable vendors and obtaining quotes.  Managing the fit out of the site.

In addition, we have identified a potential Cloud based Warehouse Management System for the client to for evaluate.

Following the go live, we will review the operation and processes.