During my time working at Cirrus Logistics I have trained over 70 individuals from locations all over the world to use the CLASS warehouse simulation system.  The training course is typically delivered over three days and is intense.  I would say I get immense satisfaction out of training people.  The training I delivered covered not only in the use of the system, but also the warehouse design process.

I have recently been awarded a contract at a local university to train MSc students in aspects of warehouse design.  The course is designed to be delivered in a classroom environment or online.

The material I have with the addition of some additional exercises can be extended to allow for one or two days of customised training.

The current training subjects are:

  • Basic concept of data collection, validation, collation and analysis.

  • Definition of the warehouse.

  • Evaluation of concepts.

  • Final Design.

Training  Students to Design a Warehouse