Consulting Services

Resource Planning

Operational Resource Planning

Detailed analysis of operational volumes through various stages


Creation of MOST models or time studies to calculate task rates (KPI’s)   

Resource modelling – to model effect of receipts / picking operations through the year/ week / day / hour – this tool then calculates resources required to meet forecasted demands


Cost modelling

MOST Sequence Analysis

Warehouse resource calculation

This tool is used to quickly calculate task rates.

Day in the Life of Analysis (DILO)

Warehouse Analysis

This tool is used to identify timing of operations during a working day / week.  The mode can highlight peak periods of activity - e.g., picking of next day orders.

Resource Modelling

Warehouse Resource model

The resource tool is used to calculate labour / MHE resource requirements over a period of time, taking into account seasonal volume fluctuations.  From the tool various charts and graphs can be produced.  Once set up the impact of say reducing the number of trucks in the warehouse can quickly be calculated.  Also, if additional resource is required (e.g. short-term hire equipment, or agency staff), these can be added to the impact on the operation can be reported. ​